Our Politics:

The American Party of Labor upholds anti-revisionist Marxism-Leninism as its official ideology and world outlook. As a Marxist-Leninist party free of all revisionist trends, the Party’s ideology includes rejection of anti-Marxist ideologies such as Kautskyism, Titoism, Trotskyism, Browderism, Khrushchevism, Eurocommunism, Maoism, and “21st Century Socialism.” Our Party is based on scientific socialism as formulated by the classics of Marxism; Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin, and enriched by figures such as Enver Hoxha, Che Guevara, and Ho Chi Minh, as well as countless other revolutionaries that have dedicated their lives to the defeat of capitalism and imperialism and the advancement of socialism. The APL is a revolutionary communist party that stands for socialist revolution, labor organization, social justice, an end to white supremacy, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and fights for the rights of the international working class.

The APL is an anti-imperialist party that opposes all imperialist wars. Our opposition to global imperialism takes on a special character in the belly of the leading imperialist power in the world, which is deeply entrenched in growing militarism and has begun its inevitable march towards fascism with the rise of the Trump regime. The current economic and national crisis has manifested in increasing exploitation of the working class, denial of social services, unions, and healthcare, increasing repression by the government, police murder and racism against African-Americans, xenophobic immigration policies, curtailing of women’s rights and reproductive rights, murder and state-sanctioned discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals, and many more reactionary developments, all of which are linked to the rule of monopoly capital in the United States.

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Our History:

The long-term origins of the American Party of Labor are in the struggles fought by the legendary American Marxist-Leninist William Z. Foster against Browderism.  Comrade Foster’s aid and personal secretary was the Spanish Civil War veteran and seasoned revolutionary militant, Jack Shulman. Sent by Comrade Foster on numerous outreach jobs, both within and without the United States, to investigate the damage done by Browderism, Comrade Shulman was able to report on the lingering infection of Browderism inside the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA) and in various Communist parties in Latin America.

Members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, with Jack Shulman seated in the center.

With the rise of Khrushchev, the battle against revisionism intensified. Only this time, revisionist elements within the CPUSA had the support of the new Soviet leadership. The death of Comrade Foster in 1961 saw the final triumph of the Khrushchevite/Browderite faction in the CPUSA, led by Gus Hall. That same year, Comrade Shulman resigned from the CPUSA and travelled to China and Albania to assist the burgeoning world anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist movement.

After spending some time in Albania, Comrade Shulman moved to China in 1968, working as an editor of English language publications during the Cultural Revolution. Concluding that Maoism itself was a variant of revisionism, Comrade Shulman revisited Albania, and returned to the United States, where he published Albania Report, distributed political and cultural material from the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania, and was instrumental in organizing the USA-Albania Friendship Association. Towards the end of his life, (Comrade Jack passed in 1999) he was associated with the British Marxist-Leninist William “Bill” Bland, and he aided in the formation of Alliance Marxist-Leninist (North America). In 2008, former political associates of Comrade Shulman, and individuals influenced by his work and that of Alliance Marxist-Leninist, founded the APL.

From the time of its founding in 2008 to 2012, the APL underwent several internal struggles against revisionist and incompetent elements within the Party. The APL achieved its present form, both structurally and politically, in 2014. This restructuring was ratified at the 2016 Party Congress.  In November of 2018, the APL was granted Observer status in the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO).

Our Members and Activity:

American Party of Labor member with a Dominican Teacher’s Union Local, Santo Domingo, 2018

The American Party of Labor is a working class organization made up of working class people. We have Divisions (locals) across the country, from New York and New Jersey to Seattle. We pride ourselves in our diverse working class origins and identity. 

Orlando Workers League marches in Orlando, 2018

The APL has taken on many political activities among the masses, created sustainable community programs, and continues to grow each Division. One major project which serves as an engine for our growth in working class circles is the Red Aid: Service to the People program, which seeks to provide the homeless and poor working class people with food, clothing, and assistance. This program has been established in multiple cities and has been able not only to provide basic needs but has helped some of the most exploited and targeted citizens secure jobs, apply for housing, and other state benefits. The Party has worked with and supported various labor unions in their fights against the capitalists, and when on strike. Various branches of the Party across the country have worked with teachers, transit workers, and heavy industry workers. Most recently, the Party worked to cultivate support for the United Steelworkers. The Party has also organized and helped organize various public demonstrations surrounding important national issues, such as the Dakota Access Pipeline, the growing threat of fascism, and American imperialism.

The Party has worked in coalitions against fascism in Illinois, Texas, Oregon, and Florida. The Party has also organized demonstrations around more general issues so as to propagate the Marxist-Leninist line. Such activities have included anti-imperialist protests on Columbus Day, anti-capitalist marches, and organizing the largest celebration in the country of the October Revolution in New York City.

Action against the Klan, 2016

The APL has worked actively in and with coalitions around the country. The Party has successfully worked with Community Control of Police, a number of branches of Students for a Democratic Society, the Green PartyNJ Coalition Against Endless WarBlack Lives MatterThe Young LordsOrlando Workers League, Industrial Workers of the World, and dozens of trade unions such as the American Federation of Teachers and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. In everything we participate in, from mass organizations to trade unions, our members have always worked as Marxists-Leninists and attempted to push the struggle forward by being disciplined Marxist-Leninists and Party members. The Party has also been leading an openly Marxist-Leninist student organization called The All Marxist-Leninist Union.