Beginning the Process:

The American Party of Labor is not an open membership organization. All potential recruits are interviewed, ideally in person. After a successful interview, members are granted candidate status for 6 months, after which, upon review, they will be made a full member. If you are interested in beginning the process of joining the APL, you have three options.

          1. Reach out to a current member of the American Party of Labor.

          2. Send an email stating your interest in joining the party to                          

          3. Message your interest to our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

FAQ on Membership:

I’m not an expert on Marxism-Leninism, can I still join?

Yes. One of the main tasks of the Communist Party is to educate. You do not have to be a scholar to be a Communist and a productive party member. We do, however, reject the idea that theory is useless to working people, an idea, as Lenin said, that comes from “a few (bad) intellectuals who believe that it is enough “for workers” to be told a few things about factory conditions and to have repeated to them over and over again what has long been known. “ (What Is to be Done?) Thus, we are not a scholastic party that holds to overly intellectual theoretical gatekeeping, but we do educate on theory and let that theory guide our practice. 

What Are the Benefits of Joining?

Joining the American Party of Labor carries several benefits.

  • Access to resources and experience in organizing your campus, workplace, or area.
  • Oppurtunities for real-world education and political experience across the US and Latin America, at conferences and work programs with affiliate parties in the ICMLPO.
  • Membership in a nationwide and internationally affiliated Marxist-Leninist party that takes freedom in debate, unity in action very seriously.
  • Access to our theoretical education classes and materials. 

Where are your members located?

The APL currently has divisions covering 20 states.

What Kind of Activities Would I Be Expected to Participate in as a Party Member?

Party members contribute to the party in ecclectic ways, depending on their skills. Some members do crafts and graphic design, others write for the newspaper, recruit members, build locals, or organize protests and service to the people programs. Your participation will be based on what it is you are best at. 

How Can I Support the Party Without Joining?

Our newspaper, The Red Phoenix, is always looking for article submissions from workers across the country and across political tendency. If you are a student, we also have resources on organizing your campus or school, and establishing autonomous student groups. 

Dues Policy:

After being accepted into the American Party of Labor, candidate members pay $5 a month in dues, or $1 for financial destitution. After becoming a full member, dues are $10 a month, or $2 for financial destitution. All dues are used to send comrades abroad, fund our service to the people program, and produce our publications. 

Dues are only for candidate or full members of the American Party of Labor. If you would like to support us financially without joining the party, click on the “Support Us” tab above, or buy something from the store.